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February 24, 2021

The sign up with go live on Sept 1
9am in Holiday Experience Facebook Group & 10am everywhere else


  • You will try to fill everything out as quickly as possible. We advise that you type your email address out and copy it so you know it’s correct. That way you only have to paste it in the form. 
    It is encouraged that you sign up for an account when signing up for an appointment so you can manage your appointment (this is different from your DFC account).
  • Select which Santa Claus you would like to visit. (to return to the list, click the same Santa again)
  • Select the Date and time
    • DO NOT select a Sensory or Dog Night just to get in. These are specific to our guests that fit the description and you will be turned away otherwise.
  • Be sure to Include your cell number that you will have on you at your appointment when filling in your phone information, we will be texting you when you're able to come in the building.
  • CHECK YOUR SPELLING - otherwise you will miss your confirmation and reminder emails and miss your arrival texts.
  • ****IMPORTANT**** - Make sure you get a confirmation upon making your appointment and take a screenshot of it!! If you don't, your appt may not have gone through.


  • We are not notified when clients cancel appointments. When we are in the studio with holiday visits and you pick up a cancelled appointment for the same day, we may not catch the change.
  • Once you make your appointment, please call the studio to let us know so we don’t miss you. 
  • If you do not receive your text within 10 minutes of your appointment, please call the studio to verify. 


  • Approximately 1 week prior to your visit, you will receive a link to sign your agreement and waiver, this must be signed prior to your arrival. 
    • If you do not receive it, check your spam/junk mail 
    • Contact us so we can resend it
  • You will receive at least 2 reminder emails and 1 text regarding your visit. It will review everything you agreed to at the time of booking and guide you to the links for all of the details about the DFC Holiday Experience, Covid Precautions and Procedures and FAQ.
  • https://www.daniellefostercreations.com/holidayexp-info/.


  • Please arrive camera-ready.
  • You will wait in your car and we will text you when you are next and when it's time to come in. 
  • Be prepared to come in at the time you receive your text. 
  • 2 adults per visit - no exceptions
  • Masks:
    • To protect the health of you, your family, our crew, and Santa, all clients 14 and older must wear a mask while in the studio
    • Those getting their photo taken can take their mask off during their visit with Santa only.
  • NO PERSON that is sick with ANY ailments will be permitted in. Even a sniffle, you will be asked to leave. Last season we saw over 4,500 families without incident. Not even a cold. We WILL keep it that way regardless of Covid. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is a hazard to our staff and clientele.


  • Once you are in the waiting room, do not let your child roam around. Bathrooms are accessible but preferred only if necessary.
  • We will continue to sanitize props as usual. Santa will utilize the UV light in between clients. 
  • Multi-family group shots of 8 or less will be permitted for this event. However, only 2-3 adults will be permitted. 
  • You will have the option for the assistant or yourself to place your child on Santa’s lap. If you choose to do it yourself, we will give you some pointers but will not be responsible if your child looks awkward if you refuse assistance. Parents must be willing to listen to assistant’s directions/guidance.
  • You will have the option to sit at a distance or next to Santa and not on their lap. Note: anyone that has to embrace the cry, this option will most likely be unsuccessful. Reminder: the visit is about 3 minutes
  • Once you are done with your session you will be led out to the exit by our assistant.


  • Before you leave your visit, you will be given a few times to choose from for your callback time to view your images.
  • All viewing and ordering will be done online and over the phone with our studio reps.
    • With thousands of families that need to order, we cannot let clients order at their leisure.
    • Precovid, clients saw their images right away and we need to replicate this the best we can. Clients will be given a few options for a callback time.  
      • For example: If you visit in the morning, you select a time, that very morning
      • Of course we will always accommodate those that travel a far distance.
  • Please make sure you have any unknown caller block options turned off on your phone so you can receive our call.
    • PLAN FOR YOUR CALLBACK TIME when selecting your appointment time.
    • We are staffed for each client accordingly based on appointment times. 
    • If you wish for a later call back for photo viewing additional staff has to be added, therefore a $10 staffing fee will be added to your final bill.
    • There will be a $10 staffing fee applied for those that miss/ignore the call after 2 attempts are made. So again, please select your appointment in accordance to the callback time you need as well. 
    • It is best to plan your appointment to include your availability (and whoever else will be part of the ordering process) to order your photos to avoid these fees.



  • You will be given a pricelist when you arrive so you have a reference during your call.
  • You will order your images/package at the time of your phone call. 
  • Images will be watermarked as usual. We have had an issue with screenshots and stolen images in the past, so we cannot make any exceptions.
  • If you come from a far distance but would like to pick up your photos shortly after your visit, please bring a tablet with you and you can view and order from the Manoa Shopping Center parking lot up the street (we cannot crowd the DFC parking lot).


  • If you regret not purchasing images at the time of your original order
  • We remove all galleries from our website every evening.  Therefore:
    • *If you order additional photos the same day, you CAN order prints and/or digital images at our regular prices.
    • *If you order the following day and beyond, only digital images are available at the full price of $47 each or any digital image packages - regardless of your original order.


  • Pick up is available at our drive up window located in the back of the building during Santa Visiting hours and designated times which will be posted on our Facebook page and in your order confirmation email.
  • If you come from a distance and wish to wait for your images to be printed, you may do so at the Manoa Shopping Center and we will email you when they are ready.
  • There is an option to ship your prints for an additional $5.
  • Shipping is sent through USPS within 48 hours of your order. We are not responsible for any delays with the postal service. 
  • Digital images are available within 48 hours. You can check your order for status.
  • Pick up will be available until December 22. 
  • Times:
    • Saturdays and Sundays from Nov 6 - Dec 19 from 12p - 8pm
    • November 10:  5p-8p
      November 15: 11a-2p
    • November 17:  5p-8p
    • November 18:  5p-8p
    • November 22: 2p-6p
    • November 23: 2p-6p
      November 26: 12p-8p
    • December 1: 5p-8p
    • December 2: 5p-8p
    • December 6: 11a-2p & 5p-8p
      December 8: 5p-8p
      December 14: 5p-8p
      December 15: 5p-8p
      December 16: 5p-8p
    • December 20: 6p-8p
      December 21: 6p-8p
    • December 22: 6p-8p
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