Frequently Asked Questions

January 10, 2021

When can I make an appointment?

The Holiday Experience SignUp will go live on September 1, 2021 at 9am in our Holiday Experience Group on Facebook and 10am on the DFC Facebook Page, Instagram and website

How much time is our visit with Santa Claus

Your visit will be approximately 3 minutes in length. We do not want to mislead anyone into thinking it is longer.

Should I arrive early for my appointment?

Please arrive NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES EARLY. We have always had problems with our neighbors and parking so we don't want the parking lot overloaded, you will be texted in the order of your appointment. Please do not bring in strollers. 

Please arrive camera ready. Prepping in the parking lot once you've been instructed to come in or during your appointment time will take away from the length of your visit.

Is there parking?

Please respect our neighbors and park in the DFC lot when possible

Please DO NOT park on the grass. We have had clients do this and have gotten stuck and had to be towed at their expense.

How long will I be in the studio? 

Your time in the studio will be approximately 10 minutes.

What if my child(ren) cry?

If you have a child between the ages of 10 months and 4 years, you will hear the phrase "Embrace the cry." at the studio. Learn it, love it, live it. Although we as parents want the perfect shot, chances are, at this age range, you will probably get tears. We truly try to make lemonade out of lemons and as parents ourselves, we know it's a rite of passage to get the crying pic for a couple of years so please arrive with a sense of humor! We do have some tricks that sometimes work depending on their age. Our assistants will chat with you about it when you come in and you can decide what you would like to do.

Crying Continued: (can you tell this is a big topic?)

There is a HUGE difference between a crying child that will just sit on Santa's lap and a child who is genuinely frightened. My crew is trained to see and know the difference and will advocate for that child. We will absolutely not push through an entire 3 minutes with a child that is trembling in terror. There is a time that it's not funny and we will not continue the session even if there are only 5 images to choose from. The intent is for them not to have a fear of Santa into their teens. 

We will not accept requests to reshoot a family due to a crying child.

Can other relatives come and watch?

At this time no more than 2 adults can come

Can I take pictures? 

Please refrain from taking photos of your session. It's our job to capture the moment, it's your job to take it all in!

How do I order my pictures?

Please click Your Experience from Beginning to End for full details

What if I must cancel my appointment?

If you do not intend on keeping your upcoming appointment, please cancel asap.

What Covid-19 precautions do you have in place?

Click DFC COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS for full details we have had and will have in place. 

We are very proud to say that during 2020 Santa season, we saw over 4,500 families and there were no reports of anyone contracting COVID-19 from attending our event from families or staff. 

Can I switch my appointment with someone?

Yes. To switch appointments

We are literally getting 100s of these requests per day (not exaggerating). We NEED everyone to help us out here.
  • Samantha does not work 24/7. You need to be patient. Emailing 5+ times in one day is not going to get this handled any faster.
  • Your communication MUST be done according to our policy or it will not be done. It is too much to handle in several different spots and things will get overlooked.
  • SAME DAY SWITCHES - you must call the studio.
  • The person requesting the switch MUST email APPTS@DANIELLEFOSTERCREATIONS.COM and cc the person they are switching with.
  • You MUST email us using the same email address you used to make your appointment.
  • THE PERSON CC’d MUST REPLY TO THE EMAIL confirming that they agree to the swap.
  • We will NO LONGER answer any communication unless it is done correctly.
  • Your switch is not confirmed until DFC confirms.
  • Once the switch is made: please go back to the group and delete your post.

Is it too late if I find a cancelled appointment for the same day?

  • We are not notified when clients cancel appointments. When we are in the studio with holiday visits and you pick up a cancelled appointment, we are not notified. 
  • Once you make your appointment, please call the studio and let us know so we don’t overlook your appointment. 
  • If it’s too late for that, and you do not receive your text within 10 minutes of your appointment, please call the studio.  
  • 610-566-2000

I know when we get there we have to wait in the car until it's our turn, but how do we check in? Do we have to call? 

One of our crew members will be doing down the list of appointments in time order. You will get about 2 texts: 
(1) To confirm you have arrived ---(2) To let you know when to come in the waiting room

PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY! We will not take you ahead of your turn. 5 minutes early is enough. Coming too early will crowd the parking lot for those that are supposed to be in those spots. If you are early, circle around a little PLEASE. 

What if I want to add additional images after my order is complete?

We call this Buyer's Remorse :) 
We remove all galleries from our website every evening.  
If you order additional photos the same day, you CAN order prints and/or digital images at our regular prices.
* If you order past the day of your visit, only digital images are available at the full price of $47 each or any digital image packages only - regardless of your original order. 

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