InStudio Holiday Sessions withOUT Santa

June 15, 2024

Sometimes you just don't want to do the Santa thing. OR you want to do something in addition to the Santa thing.  We will have your session on one of our backdrops without Santa there.  Only 6 sessions are offered and we will announce the dates shortly. 

You will view and order your photos immediately following your session. Session fee does not include photos.  Pricing details will be posted shortly and will be available in plenty of time for you decide before they post. 


  • There is no date for this yet but is usually in early November.
    Session Fee: $150
     (photos are not included in our session fees)
    Our Side Entrance drop.
  • Parents may be included in these sessions as well! (Single Families Only)
  • Multi-Families must book two different sessions. Orders may not be combined.
  • Due to the length of the sessions we cannot permit wardrobe changes
  • Each session is up to 10 minutes
  • Children being photographed alone must be able to sit unsupported
  • If you need to cancel, 50% will be credited to your account.
  • $200 minimum photo purchase is required.  ($200= 4 photos)

*** This is just a sample, the background.

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