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October 29, 2020 - "Baking" with Mrs. Claus Sessions

Session Fee - $100

Thank you for your interest in our Exclusive Mrs. Claus Sessions! We strive to provide our clients with a fun and unique twist with our sessions that will keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in your child's memories for years to come!

Come join Mrs. Claus in her kitchen and play bake some cookies, decorate and enjoy real ones (allergies considered of course).

Some details you must know before booking your session:

  • Sessions are approximately 10 minutes and are for a single family ONLY - (parents & kids).If you are looking for a larger/extended family, you must book back to back sessions. If times don't line up right, just let me know I will try to move things around.
  • From experience, this is for families with children 4 and over. If you fear your child at 4 or beyond, will still be afraid, this is not a session for you. I know this may disappoint some of you but this is a larger investment to have your little one crying the entire time. We did find that children were less likely to be hesitant with Mrs. Claus and even had a couple of 4 year old that did very well with her.
  • A $100 Non-Refundable Session fee is required to book this session, along with a signed contract. 
  • There are no photographic images included with this price.

Digital Collections:

  • Chocolate Chip - 1 High Res Digital Image - $75
  • Sugar Cookie - 3 High Res Digital Image - $165
  • Gingerbread - 5 High Res Digital Images - $225
    Butter Cookie - 10 High Res Digital Images - $350
    Pizzelle All Gallery Images (approximately 10-15 images) - Tiered pricing - depending on the amount of photos in your gallery

Other Details: 

  • Immediately following your session, you will see your unedited images and purchase your collection from the list below.
  • You will receive your fully edited images within 2 weeks of your order.

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