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2024 North Pole Train Sessions

OCTOBER 21st:  Santa Kevin
OCTOBER 22nd & 23rd:  Santa Jim
October 24th : Santa Dennis & Santa Matthew

ALL ABOARD!! Nothing starts off the spirit of the Christmas season than this!  Our North Pole Sessions are nothing short of magical and truly one of a kind!!! We take photos on the train and around the grounds including the station, passenger car the locomotive, and our very own Mr. Conductor! 

Yes, the start times are not ideal but unfortunately with the time-change approaching - it gets dark quickly


  • $225 Session fee (our session fees do not include photos)
  • 15 minute session (extended from previous years)
  • Rain or shine

  • PLUS!!! Each Child will go home with their very own ticket and sleigh bell!
  • If you need to cancel, 50% will be credited to your account.
  • $200 minimum photo purchase is required.  ($200= 4 photos)
  • (this photo is exactly the location)
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