Santa License

Santa License

Santa License PRE-ORDER!!!  

Whoops!  Santa must've dropped his sleigh license out of his pocket while dropping off his gifts at your house!  
Let your child find Santa's license and on the back will send you to a link to a special letter from Santa asking your child(ren) to return it next year at your next visit!  

This can be picked up during your appointment at the studio.  It will be discreetly placed in an envelope with your last name. After this presale only a limited number of licenses will be available. 

PREORDER ENDS October 14, 2021. Following presale, while supplies last and cannot be purchased after 12/17/21.  MUST BE PICKED UP BY 12/19/21 - no exceptions!!!!  

IF you happen to change Santas after you purchase, we will be able to exchange it while supplies last.

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  • Santa Jim
  • Santa Kevin
  • Santa Matthew
  • Santa Mike
  • Santa Bob
  • Santa Dennis
  • Santa Willis
  • Santa Bill
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