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One Funny Little Sentence Can Mean So Much!

March 27, 2015

Ever wonder what you children see when they look at you? I don't mean the physical you or what your title is. I mean who you are as a person? Sure, we have all snickered at one time or another hearing your child say something inappropriate and we follow it with a statement along the lines of, "I wonder where they got THAT from!"

I am lucky to have the kind of job where many of my clients become my friends so when Joey, my 4 year old daughter or Colin, my 3 year old son, ask me if they can go to work with me, they can sometimes (of course with my client's blessing). So, I've been promising Joey and Colin that they could come to the studio and take some photos of their babies. So I sat on the couch and took some video and cellphone pics of them in action. What I didn't expect was that I would be watching little versions of myself while watching Colin. Watching him call Joey over to see the image he had just captured, saying he was going to take another shot, and then a sweet little "awwww" as he showed me his work. Wow, mommy is tender, gentle, and passionate. Yes, that's right... THIS MOM... Believe it!!! The rough girl from Overbrook is being imitated by her son by saying "awwWWW!" (see video here)

Then it was Joey's turn. Again, she is 4 and talks constantly and is so funny and honest. While I am watching her shoot she begins to tell me that she wants to take pictures of babies when she is older (I think...)... But then tells me she wants to work in a store to take pictures. I told her she can work at my studio. Her reply: "Well then I'm gonna have to work with you." Hilarious, right??? So I asked her why and she followed up with, "I want to be all by myself at work like you." That's when it hit me. Here's my proud mommy moment. In one quick moment, I realized that I am teaching my daughter how to be an independent woman, a strong woman, and a woman that went after her dream and (so far) is succeeding at it. I am teaching her to love what she does and that she doesn't need to depend on anyone to do it. That she doesn't need to work for anyone. She can work all by herself in her own place. I don't brag about myself as a mom, a wife, or a business woman often. Most times I am second guessing every word I say and every move I make but not today! Today I will soak in the pride because I don't know how long it will last!!! .....

Now, I have to go, Joey put our dog in a tutu and Colin does not think it's "A-pope-ee-ette"... moment's gone... hahaha...

I have shared the videos I talked about, photos of the kids in action, and a few images Joey took of Colin and me below. These are just cropped, so don't judge my appearance. This isn't about me, this is what my kid saw behind my lens :)

Colin's Video:

Joey's Video:


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