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If These Walls Could Talk....

April 23, 2015

To sell or not to sell digital images, and if you are going to sell, how much are you going to charge?  This is a huge debate nowadays with professional photographers and for so many reasons. I understand (and agree) that digital images put an end to any prospective income that image/session can provide. But on a business perspective, I had to rethink my pricing since Danielle Foster Creations is the sole provider of our family and I had continuous requests for digital imagery. I had to decide either to sell them and bring in more business or have those clients go elsewhere to get their digitals. So I decided to sell. Does that make me a sell-out? I don't think so. Others may disagree. Am I giving them away? I don't think so. Compared to some I am and compared to others I'm not. I guess it depends who you ask. Would I love for my clients to just purchase prints from me so they can decorate their world with Danielle Foster Creations' art?  Of course I would! This is also why I give the printed image of each digital they purchase. Technology lasts only so long, what will become of CD and flash drive readers when my grandchildren are my age? Anyone have a slide projector I can borrow so I can see some of my childhood memories? - I think I just showed my age.

My biggest worry about this decision isn't about money. I am concerned where these images are once they leave my hands. Are their flash drives sitting in dark drawers never to have one image printed? Were they only uploaded onto Facebook never to be hung on their walls? That is a travesty! Even if they purchase prints, it doesn't guarantee that they will even hang them! They may intend to but it may not happen. A purchase of prints is not a promise to hang. I know this because I have been guilty of it. I know! I know! I'm ashamed. I should practice what I am preaching!

So to my clients I ask - If your walls could talk, what would they say? Would they ask to be covered because they are bare and cold? Or would they shout out with love and splendor of the memories in which you have blanketed them? You need to listen and let them talk! Let them talk about the fascinating journey your life has taken. In return, you invoke them to hear what marvelous things your guests say as they walk into your home. For example - “Who was the photographer and how can I hire her?” -(shameless, i know)-.  Get your memories out of your drawer or your purse or wherever your drive is. They are screaming to get out! Let them breathe! They need some fresh air! Surround them in beautiful frames or lay them on gorgeous canvas for all to see! Your little ones won't be little for long. In a flash, they're 20 and all you hung up was a baby picture and a graduation picture.


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